Of course, anyone who has to move and store heavy goods and loads such as containers knows that the lifting technology must be both safe and efficient. With the high-performance straddle carrier of the Combilift lifting technology, effortless and cost-effective transport of large and bulky loads is possible. Thanks to the small dimensions of the machines of the Combilift lifting technology, you can narrow the aisle widths in the warehouse and thus have more space – and save money!

Combilift lifting technology in practice – more work safety and comfort

First of all, the cab of the Combilift Lifting Equipment Commercial Vehicles is mounted directly above the ground, so easy entry and exit is guaranteed. The cabin is heated for maximum comfort even on cold days. An excellent all-round view is made possible by the large-area glazing. In addition, a camera system is installed which allows an optimal view in every direction. Because who ranks with Combilift USA lifting technology, needs a good overview. There is also a rappelling device.

Combilift lifting technology with many extras

The Combilift lifting technology is also characterized by the fact that various lifting beams and additional solutions can be installed easily. Combilift lifting technology ensures maximum flexibility and independence!

For example, suppose you are changing your business and moving not just ISO containers but other heavy loads as well. Then the Combilift lifting technology with its modular design is just right for your company! Our technicians determine your needs on site and find with you the perfect accessories for the Combilift lifting technology.

The Combilift lifting technology at a glance:

Combilift lifting technology eliminates parking trailers

Combilift lifting machines have a 4-wheel steering and a 2-wheel drive

Combilift lifting technology can be used in crab gear and saves a lot of space

Combilift lifting technology has a very narrow width and therefore narrow routes are possible

Combilift lifting technology uses powerful John Deere diesel engines with 125hp power

Combilift lifting technology increases the productivity of your company

Combilift lifting technology increases the safety level on your premises

Combilift lifting technology offers the lightest heavy-duty transport systems in the world

Combilift lifting technology can transport up to 30 tons of weight easily

Combilift lifting technology transports all standard container sizes to ISO

Combilift lifting technology is 50% cheaper compared to other systems

Combilift lifting technology can also be used on suboptimal soil conditions

Combilift lifting technology causes only a low ground pressure even at full load

Combilift lifting technology is simple and intuitive to use

The cabs of the Combilift lifting technology have excellent visibility

Combilift lifting technology makes loading and unloading containers safer than ever

We are your partner for Combilift lifting technology!

We not only offer you sales and distribution of the Combilift lifting technology, but also service and maintenance as well as spare parts for the Combilift lifting technology. You can buy, rent or lease the machines of the Combilift For Sale USA lifting technology here! Call us!




Order Picker Purchasing Guidelines For You

Order PickerAn Order Picker Hayward is utilized for an assortment of material dealing with reason which makes it extremely well known in all industry parts. In any case, it is suggested that you ought not simply go for any assortment that makes tall cases of being the best. Continuously consider your individual necessities while requesting the one you require. Attempt this agenda:

• Choose just the Buying Order Picker Hayward that suits your individual reason. In the first place choose where you are utilizing it-like for road lighting, for shooting recordings or for window cleaning in tall structures like workplaces or business goals. The above likewise applies for blast lifts.

• The lift assortments come in two primary gatherings: while one covers the jointed lift that raises a stage upwards, the other assortment essentially raise a steady stage vertically. In this way, check the one you need.

• Also, pick one that can be connected to a moving vehicle like a truck for ideal advantage from your Order Picker.

• Then there are the ones that accompany a blast lift that are made to access anything distant by customary strategies.

• Buy Order Picker that utilization water power to control the lift, with the goal that you don’t need to utilize any outside components to get into the required position. This work extraordinary even in unfriendly circumstances like delicate or uneven ground conditions.

• Also get lift tables that has a roomy stage for your utilization, this is extremely fundamental as it offer you adequate space to keep your apparatuses. Abstain from scaling and down which prompt exercise in futility and in addition may dangers falling or other related mischances.

• Also in the event that you can manage, go for uniquely crafted assortments tailor made just to suit your requirements, which might be rooftop repairing, building upkeep or simply trimming trees on your grounds. This likewise applies for lift tables.

• Though this is a purchasing guide, yet it is prescribed that in the event that you require a careful selector for a brief time frame, you can even get enlisted ones. This recoveries from making a pointless tremendous speculation.

Attempt this rule and go for a careful selector that suits your need perfectly and achieve difficult to reach statures in a simply a question of minutes. Utilize an Order Picker to spare time and furthermore to minimize well being perils that is related with a wide range of work conditions in hard to achieve statures. Read More Article Here

Keep Your Pallet Trucks in Best Running Condition With Forklift Services

We in general understand that a forklift is a truck fitted with a mechanized stage or with relative things, which can lift, move, and store the materials stacked on it to a superior place. Plants, organizing outfits, advancement divisions, stockrooms or whatever other affiliation where the improvement of materials is concerned, use these machines.

Forklift organizations give Pallet Trucks (Sales and Servicing) besides offer and sponsorship finish extent of Pallet Trucks and what’s more producer’s things running from tires, tubes and auto parts of the trucks. Despite offering, which in like manner joins centered financing groups; a couple of associations give Forklift Renting organizations furthermore both on short and whole deal preface. These providers in like manner work task force of organization vans, which are watched out for by talented organization engineers who are reliably there to respond to your breakdown call quickly and successfully to keep your forklift trucks in awesome running condition. Other than this a couple of associations in like manner give the going with additional organizations:

(1)Training of Drivers

(2)Inspection of Hoist chains

(3)Inspect and issue Lola gives a record of the Forklift trucks

(4)Inspection and supply of batteries

(5)Free Inspection offers

Pallate Truck

Most traders offer world-class trucks running from Mitsubishi, SMV, Combi-Lift, Aisle Master and Lancer things. As for of forklift trucks, there are various Forklift renting and utilizing associations which offer naval forces of trucks prepared for lifting anything between 1 to 50 Tons. Sorts of forklifts rented consolidate slim path electric forklifts; sit down electric forklifts, pneumatic tire LPG forklifts and cushion tire LPG forklifts. Rental forklifts have confines up to 30,000. Advantages moreover consolidate forklift-booked help.

A couple of models of provisions of Forklifts, which are also sold or enrolled, are according to the accompanying:

(1)Quick-Tach Buckets: These models are proposed for “extendable-accomplish” forklifts and allow you to put material far past the extent of a loader

(2)Universal Fit forklift jars, which can be used with any make and model of extendable, accomplish forklift.

A segment of the gigantic brand names in Forklift Services are Big Joe, Clark, Crown, Daewoo, Hyster, Hyundai Forklifts, Lindy, Marklift, and Mitsubishi Forklifts et cetera.

A fundamental segment of stockrooms, improvement goals and apportionment centers, forklifts are filled mechanical trucks used to lift and transport material. Another example ascending in the forklift organizations business segment are modernized forklifts (in like manner called automated guided vehicles), which are starting at now open from a creating number of providers accessible to be obtained and rent. With a Big Joe group of them available for each need, its offering space keeps expanding.

Its offering is endeavored, either direct by overall makers, or by their providers spread over the United States. Since acquiring a forklift is an exorbitant suggestion, guarantee that you buy it from an assumed brand. Toyota Industries and the KION Group (with its Linde and Still brands) value the first and second position similar to producer’s general situating for forklift organizations.

If you require it for a transient period, forklift rental may end up being more down to earth. Note that Forklifts are open in various assortments and weight limits. In an appropriation focus setting most forklifts used have stack constrains between one to five tons. Greater machines, up to 50 tons lift restrain are used for lifting heavier weights, including stacked dispatching compartments.

You can come to these or other forklift truck rental associations by go to their destinations or coming to their specialists in your general region.

Unmistakably forklift organizations have gigantic points of interest for associations which make use of them. Also, on account of their harsh frame and strength, acquiring or renting a fair quality forklift for your advancement, collecting or warehousing business is a decision which you are farfetched to regret.

Forklifts are controlled present day trucks which are used to lift and transport materials beginning with one place then onto the following. Appropriate from its beginnings from the 1978s to date forklifts have encountered different changes in its framework and execution. Today another example in forklift organizations business segment is the automated forklifts, which are in like manner called as the motorized guided vehicles. These forklifts are energetically available from a broad number of providers and vendors for lease and arrangement. The business areas for these forklifts are growing rapidly and the forklift has transformed into the most fundamental and required part in the stockrooms, improvements districts and scattering concentrates wherever all through the world.

Forklifts are either sold by the makers or through the providers. Overall associations are in like manner in the fight and they have to routinely go up against strong competition from the area producers. As buying a forklift incorporates a significant hypothesis, thought should be taken to buy it from supposed makers, for instance, the Toyota Industries and the KION Group (Brand name Linde and Still). These two associations have the primary and number two positions similar to maker’s general rankings for forklift organizations.

If the essential of a forklift if only for a concise period or for different days simply, renting a forklift for the required number of days may be less expensive and fiscally clever for the association since acquiring another forklift would mean a lot of hypothesis. There are various forklift rental organizations which offer forklifts of various shapes, sizes and load limits running from one ton to five tons including forklift truck rental organizations. There are heavier and greater machines which can lift a store up to 50 tons on the double however these are used just to lift generous dissents and transporting compartments. Contact Here

Buy online Bendi forklift in Hayward

Buy online Bendi forklift in Hayward

Bendi forklift is a helpful instrument equipped for lifting substantial products with expects one to put in any endeavors. Many organizations around the nation utilize substantial apparatus to finish their consistent errands. This incorporates numerous overwhelming and also muddled operations that are unrealistic to manage without the correct apparatus. One such machine is Bendi forklift.


 This gadget is valuable in lifting overwhelming weights and materials that are unimaginable for people to lift. Different item producing businesses utilize this hardware because of its ability that enables it to lift up to 4000 lb. of materials. The machine is a shelter for some, who trust that enlisting work constrain for untalented work is an abuse of cash and time. Many individuals in private and government organizations utilize this machine as they think that it’s valuable. Because of its little size, one can without much of a stretch move it into wherever that does not have much space to acquire a major crane. The Big Joe forklift way that it can lift weights ordinarily heavier influences it to ideal for little distribution centers and ports where there isn’t much place to move around.


Bendi forklift is an extremely helpful machine in each viewpoint, as it can move even through thin paths. The need of this machine arrived when places were contracting because of the materials stockpiling and individuals required a machine that is moveable and smaller in nature. The cost of this machine is high, however many individuals who can’t bear the cost of it for their business can simply procure it from a place where they give it for lease. Such machines are constantly expensive and devour a gigantic measure of fuel, as the sort of work they do needs fuel in a high amount. So trusting that these machines would be fuel-proficient is an exercise in futility. Many individuals in various businesses have distinctive use for this bit of Forklift Rentals San Jose. One can likewise utilize it for basic transportation of overwhelming materials for faraway places.

Bendi forklift is an extremely valuable gadget and one can work it with no or less preparing. Subsequently, it makes it exceptionally good with every one of the enterprises, particularly Coordination’s, as there is dependably an interest for hardware that can lift and move overwhelming burdens starting with one place then onto the next.




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(510) 785-6900

Full Business Address:

25932 Eden Landing Rd. Hayward, CA 94545

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Boltless shelving rack in California

Boltless shelving rack in California

There are many writes and brands of mechanical shelving accessible available, yet boltless shelving (additionally some of the time called bolt) offers numerous particular points of interest over different outlines and styles. Quick Shake offers the most noteworthy nature of Boltless shelving accessible, and is offered at generous funds through a few providers. Here is a rundown of the preferences gave by boltless shelving.

Boltless Shelving Is Anything but difficult to Introduce


A few sorts of mechanical shelving and pallet racks require broad work to Forklift Rentals San Jose introduce. Many racks accessible available even require proficient establishment, or possibly a completely supplied tool stash and somebody with expertise and know-how. Boltless shelving requires only a sledge or hammer to introduce, and can be placed in rapidly and effortlessly by anybody with sensible information about how parts fit together. The bolts snap onto the bars, and onto the edge posts. The racks fit essentially and effortlessly into the pillars. That is it! Contingent upon the measure of shelving you have to introduce, these units can be set up in a matter of minutes to a couple of hours.

Boltless Shelving Is Anything but difficult to Move and Reconfigure

Most mechanical shelving units accessible available are arranged and darted together, implying that, in the event that you ever need to include all the more shelving or reconfigure the space, you need to haul everything out and supplant it with totally new retires. Boltless shelving essentially snaps separated, and backpedals together, so you can reconfigure the distribution center or capacity zone whenever, without extra cost (unless you need to include more retires, obviously). At the point when new retires are required, they fit basically and effortlessly into the old ones, so there is never any materials squander.

The best part is that unsnapping and reconfiguring the racks does no harm at all. Racks can be pulled separated and assembled back many circumstances over, without shortening the life expectancy of the unit or bargaining the respectability and wellbeing of the shelving.

Boltless Shelving Is Sheltered

Discussing security, boltless shelving is tough and all around outlined, and Bendi forklift is accessible in qualities from 200 pounds for each rack, to more than 1,000 pounds for every rack. No jolts are there to work free and prompt mishaps. It’s obviously clear when the racks are appropriately gathered, so a free jolt wouldn’t prompt a mishap in the working environment or at home. These racks are tough, strong, and intended to deal with the heap without toppling or pounding under the weight – which are the most widely recognized reasons for mischances around racks.

Boltless Shelving Components

Boltless Shelving Components

Come to us for your shelving and file stockpiling arrangements as we are had practical experience in a wide range of capacity frameworks for office and stockroom. We have been giving the most ideal approaches to keep up Record Document Shelving and Capacity in places, where materials or completed merchandise are put away in gigantic amount. With our experience, specialization and administration, we have tackled the capacity issues of key businesses in all kinds of different backgrounds.

2 pallet racks

We have been delivering overwhelming obligation Boltless shelving and Record Document Shelving in gigantic distribution centers of auto businesses, plumbing, property, land and accounting. Our forte lies in the planning and assembling, Custom Impressions for workplaces, stockrooms and storage spaces. We outline the floor get ready for shelving to make utilization of the most extreme space accessible, and in places where profundity, tallness and width are contemplated, we recommend our different shelving units. Our Boltless shelving and Document Shelving are both boltless giving this items a remarkable element for taking care of the capacity issues.

Our extensive variety of items incorporates Record Chronicle Shelving of various profundities, arrangement and tallness. Our Document boxes promise you of its toughness for its twofold walled boards and additional solid handles. It can hold records of different sizes and its tops are tight fitted adding to its strength. Single and twofold profundity shelving units are accessible as indicated by determinations gave to us with respect to the stature, profundity and width of the storage room. The most notable truth is that the racks can withstand a heap of more than 1000 lbs., without the help of any nuts, fasteners or clasps. Boltless shelving is made of substantial steel and can be utilized for multi purposes. These Boltless shelving have the ability to hold substantial loads up to more than 2000 lbs. for every rack with decking made of wire work.

The different models of our Boltless shelving give you the choice of picking according to your particular identifying with profundity, width and tallness.

Our floors designs are composed by master designer have been guaranteed by prestigious establishments and have a long time of understanding behind them. You can look over the changed models of our ½ Impression which suits your distribution center the best. In the event that you have the estimations, we have the answers for your capacity. We give you an index which gives you guidelines about treatment of materials and administration of document records. Our creation unit is completely automated with gifted laborers setting up their best exertion in delivering the best stockpiling racks for little, medium and open storage rooms in different businesses in USA.

The materials utilized for Bendi forklift particularly the substantial obligation steel are of the most astounding standard which guarantees add up to wellbeing and security. We have skill in collecting the shelving to flawlessness. Auspicious conveyance has made our customers in USA completely fulfilled. They have prescribed our administrations to others, for our sheer perfection in taking care of all issues identifying with Chronicle Racking.

Richard Eder is an auxiliary designer. He has a long involvement in creation and is putting forth conference on Racking Frameworks to driving foundations in USA. He recommends that the administrations gave at our firm are justified regardless of a go. You can get in touch with us at our manufacturing plant or send your enquiry on the web, on the off chance that you think we should serve you.

Big Joe Forklift Company in Hayward

Big Joe Forklift Company in Hayward

A Fork lift is considered as one of the vital equipment of industry. Manufacturing plants, warehouses, freight dock become nonfunctional without the availability of Forklift. If we take a look it will come to our knowledge that nowadays numerous companies are manufacturing Forklift with a number of varieties. We have to select the forklift that perfectly fit according to our need and requirements. Big Joe Company is well known for their equipment’s for the Manufacturing plants, warehouses, freight dock etc. Big Joe Forklift is the most demanded forklift in the industry due to its specialties like durability, Comfort ability and many more. Along the Big Joe Forklift Pallet trucks, pallets Jacks and product storage system also have a heavy demand. If we say that Big Joe is the leading company, then there is no doubt in it.


Numerous kinds of Big Joe Forklift are available in market but following are some of the primary categories of the Big Joe Forklift

  • Propane Fork Lifts
  • Electric Fork Lifts (Sit down)
  • Electric Fork Lifts (Stand up)

Each of the above forklifts has its own qualities and features some of them are powered by propane, some are powered by petrol and some are powered by electricity. One of the best qualities of Big Joe Forklift is that it is available in each and every type with its classical features this is the reason companies give preference to Big Joe Forklift over anyone else. Unique features and the affordable price with the unmatchable quality of the Big Joe Forklift attract the companies most.

Some of the benefits of Big Joe Forklift are mention below which differentiate Big Joe Forklift from the others

  • Due to its auto brake function, Big Joe Forklift security level becomes unmatchable which make the operator safer.
  • If we come to visibility Big Joe Forklift has the best level of visibility that no other forklift has. The operator of Big Joe Forklift can maintain visibility at any range.
  • The comfort ability level of Nissan lift trucks is top class in the industry; the operator can easily handle Forklift for an entire shift.
  • Big Joe Forklift has a special feature of easy enter and exit by which the level of risk becomes reduce and operator become safer.